You’re missing out! Try a fried potato sandwich

Fried potato sandwich. A simple fare with an easy recipe.

Grab two or three potatoes from your cellar or cupboard, wash the dirt off and cut them into slices a bit heavier than a quarter of an inch. Potatoes

Fry them in grease until done but not crunchy; sprinkle them liberally with salt and place while still hot between two slices of bread, this last done so the extra grease is soaked up. Good hot or cold.

I first learned of this treat in my youth when around some of my much older neighbors. In the thirties and forties, when these men had sought employment in their own youth, such was a quite typical lunch.

They placed the sandwiches in a lard can one atop another and replaced the lid or made one of clean rags. At work, they ate them cold when necessary. But as their work was often timber related and old dried bark and wood shards were generally plentiful at either a mill or in the woods themselves, they built small fires by which they heated the entire can and thus enjoyed a hot meal.

Keep in mind, this was after three to four hours of hard physical labor and at the end of possibly a several mile walk to work. Things were different back then for sure. Many of these men were of at least some Irish lineage and the potato had been a staple of their diet for generations, having become the main source of food for the working poor by the beginning of the eighteenth century in their ancestral home of Ireland.

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