You too can learn to read footprints

foot prints on brown sand

When I was a kid, no one had television. So when our parents wanted to get rid of us for a few hours on Saturdays, they would drop us off at a local movie theater, where we would watch “Cowboy and Indian” movies all afternoon.   

And invariably, in just about every one of these movies, an actor portraying a Native American scout would get off his horse, examine some hoofprints in the mud and then declare to the calvary standing around him that “Horses here two moons ago.”

And although we kids were not old enough yet to be cynical about everything — that would come later — we all wondered how in the world anyone could accurately determine that the hoofprints he was examining were made “two moons ago.”

Actually, that sort of determination could be and was being made back in those days of the “wild west.”

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