Yes! You can do it!

The Traveler’s Bob Brennecke answers your outdoor questions:

QUESTION: I am a single female and want to get a small trailer and start camping, but I have so many misgivings. 

I have observed couples setting up and breaking down a camper or campsite and it looks too overwhelming. 

I can’t imagine doing all those chores by myself, much less doing it in the dark or in the rain. Does anyone have any advice on how to start this process and do it safely?

ANSWER: Start slowly and make lots of lists after observing or trying things for the first time. You will make mistakes and you will learn easier and faster ways to do these special jobs. 

The main thing is “just do it,” don’t wish your life away and miss out on a tremendous amount of fun and new friendships. 

Single female traveling will be something you will learn from and you will become more independent the more you do it.

Yes, it will be a lot of work for one person but once you get the routine down it doesn’t seem so bad. Get a list or lists “to do” when setting up and taking down your camp and stick to the routine until you find a quicker or easier way of doing it. 

If someone comes up to you while you are doing your jobs and wants to talk, you will inevitably forget something so — tell them you don’t want to be unneighborly but please come back when your important routine jobs are completed (“I don’t want to screw up something”!). 
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Make a plan and if it doesn’t work out, try another plan. You might even try getting in touch with other single female campers such as “Sisters on-the-Fly.” They have classes on just about anything you want to know about camping while traveling.

The one big thing you will have to practice a lot doing is backing your rig. It doesn’t’ matter how many times someone tells you how to do that job, your practice and experience will be needed and then “it will click.” 

You will, however, need to get out multiple times to check your progress so as not to run over or into things. 

One thing I have seen done to help you back your trailer is to get a bright-colored rope, lay it on the ground where you want the trailer tires to go, and follow the rope into the site.

Do your research, ask questions and use the answers when they apply. 

Everyone has a “best way” but you can make your own “best way” with planning and experience, and unfortunately a few well-placed mistakes.

You can do it!

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