Yes, the catfish are calling!

Summertime is catfish time for many folks! While channel catfish are the main target for most, blues and flatheads are also caught and are great fun because they get a lot bigger.

In Missouri, channel cat are found in just about every stream or lake. Lots were there long before our time,while others were stocked by MDC or private sources. They thrive in ponds, lake, creeks, rivers, even drainage ditches.  channel main

Channel cats are a fish for people of all ages, from kiddos with a cane pole to new age fishermen with high tech tackle, to older folks just looking for a little fun and a mess of fish to fry.

Baits for channel cats cover a wide spectrum, from commercial stink baits to rooster liver, dough balls, and nightcrawlers. These baits will produce.

I prefer to use natural baits like shad and sunfish. Cut shad is my “go to” bait for all catfish. Catfish eat them regularly, so it makes perfect sense to use them for bait.

All catfish can be caught during the day, but the best fishing is usually at night. Channel cats, blues, and flatheads stick to deeper, snaggy cover areas during the day, but come shallow where the baitfish like shad and sunfish hide at night.

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