Wild turkeys striking fear in towns across the US

Todd Frazier has been a major league baseball player for more than six years. He is regarded as a “slugger,” hitting 40 home runs in one year for the Chicago White Sox a few years ago and 35 home runs for the Cincinnati Reds before that.  

Major league sluggers have to have a lot of courage, standing in the batter’s box and getting “plunked” from time to time with a high hard one.   

But do you want to know what does frighten Todd Frazier? Wild turkeys.  That’s right. Wild turkeys. Gangster turkeys.   

Turkeys that have taken over his Toms River, N.J., subdivision, chasing pedestrians, pecking on cars, crowding the intersections and even allegedly attacking Frazier’s family.   

Frazier is so intimidated that he has contacted the governor of New Jersey and asked for immediate help.

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