Why I watch my step when turkey hunting

Just got back from our annual hunting turkey boondoggle in the Missouri Ozarks; this was our 42nd yearly trip.   

Anyone who has hunted turkey with me in the Ozarks will tell you that I spend an inordinate amount of time looking at the ground when I am on the move while turkey hunting.

There is a reason. I am not just looking for turkey tracks and turkey scratchings.  

One morning years ago, while hunting with a buddy, we were walking on a trail to get to our “spot” when somehow, in the dim light, I spotted a coiled copperhead that my friend was just about to step on.

Bill Hoagland

Frankly, I don’t think anything can ruin your turkey hunt more than having a venomous snake hanging by its fangs from your calf, but maybe that’s just me.   

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