Why I like to hunt spring gobblers

The title of this article may not be the most often asked question I get, but it is in the top three.

Turkey #11
My Father, Glen Roux, is most responsible for me turning out to be the outdoorsman and outdoor communicator that I am.  Thanks Dad.  (Photo by Sue Roux)

The answer, or answers, are more complex than you might think. When I am short on time my answer is that turkeys are the only species I can hunt in both the spring and the fall.

This being totally true still does not fully answer the question. Here is the long, more accurate answer.

Challenge — Having 38 years of experience hunting dozens of species of wild game in both North America and Africa, the wild turkey provides me with the most consistent challenge year in and year out.

Gobblers crack their shells and step out of their nests nervous. It is built in to their DNA. Everything in the woods wants a turkey dinner. Coyotes, hawks, bobcats, owls, foxes, and even feral cats are all deadly to young, flightless turkeys.

Even before they hatch possums, raccoons, and snakes can destroy an entire nest in minutes.

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