Where’s the frogs?

green frog on a log

My dad and his friend, Gene, were returning from a successful nighttime frog-gigging trip when Dad’s truck’s headlights went out. 

Looking all over, they could not find a fuse. Lucky for them, they found a .22 caliber bullet that fit perfectly into the fuse box. The headlights came on. 

After traveling approximately 20 miles, just before crossing a bridge, the bullet overheated. Unlucky for them, it discharged and struck Dad in the right testicle. 

The truck swerved and hit a tree. Dad suffered minor cuts but did require surgery to repair the other wound. Gene suffered a broken rib and was treated and released.

Gene told everyone, “Thank God we weren’t on that bridge when he shot his intimate parts off, or we might have died.” 

green frog on a log
Photo by Otto Rascon on Pexels.com

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