Where the state champions grow

When I first heard of the concept of the National Register of Big Trees, I knew that I had found something which fascinated me. Champion White Ash Sooner Park Bartlesville OK

I knew I had found a hobby which would occupy and interest me for many years to come.

My initial assumption was that if I was going to see the largest of each species of tree, I would need to spend a considerable amount of time exploring dense forests in order to see the big trees.

After all, didn’t the tree of all trees, the General Sherman, live in the Sequoia National Forest? Didn’t the big trees all live in the primitive woods, where they might not be disturbed by man and they could be free to grow and thrive to unprecedented height and width?

My first course of action to find the champion trees of Missouri, since I live here, was to Google “Missouri champion trees.” Makes sense right?

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