When you’re on the water, respect goes both ways

It’s the first day of December and I’m sitting here with a hot cup of coffee and a broken left foot from tripping over an old woven wire fence in the leaf litter while deer hunting.

Thanksgiving is behind us and I can’t help but to think of warmer days ahead… and reflect on last summer’s memories.

A few things occurred last year that, when they happened, I knew I would write about this winter while on the inside and cozy.

The Ozark rivers are shared by all and that means everybody with a different idea of what’s fun.  Everybody getting along is kinda important. Very often it boils down to respect. 

My goals when I go to the river is to enjoy myself and be safe but that does not mean at the expense of another’s enjoyment or safety. 

I have spent my life canoeing and boating Ozark streams and I know firsthand that if proper precautions are taken, then many situations can be avoided. 

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