When your gun doesn’t go bang

By Chuck Smick

These are the last words a hunter wants to hear when he is in the field on a hunting trip, and the last thing a hunter wants to experience on an otherwise successful hunt. 

A jammed gun, or more appropriately a gun malfunction, can be the result of many different factors. Bad ammunition or bad magazines are a frequent contributor to firearms malfunctions. 

I’ve personally had name-brand ammo fail to fire out of a brand new box right off the shelf. I’ve bought what I thought were high quality, after-market magazines for my 1911, and had numerous malfunctions with that particular brand. 

Another contributor to firearms malfunctions are improperly cleaned and maintained guns and magazines (or no cleaning and maintenance at all in some cases!). 

Proper cleaning and maintenance can help prevent malfunctions and protect valuable firearms for the life of the owner. 

All firearms should be protected like an expensive car. Yes, they should be used; shot and hunted with regularly, but guns need to be cleaned and lubricated to last a long time, and to function properly each time that you use them, or carry them for protection.

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