What it takes to get a ‘lesser-known float streams’ story

When asked about occupation, I no longer say that I’m retired. I am too busy to claim that distinction.  

So, sometimes I tell people “I’m a freelance writer.” Just one of many obligators of my time.  

Now for those not sure of that vocation, I will relate my most recent endeavors.

First, the emphasis of these endeavors is the “free” as most publications for which I write do not pay.

Rick Mansfield

Subsequently, this aspect of my retirement has not placed me in a higher income bracket as yet.      

By the time this is published, I will have completed my most recent assignment. Assignments, I should say. For I have been toiling at submissions for two separate periodicals.  

The first, just a “few notes and pictures” for a piece that will hopefully drive some tourist business to our area.  

Told about a particularly great view from a local bluff, I timed things just right to walk briskly up a steep hill (amazing how quickly one gets out of shape) and arrived as the sun began to set.

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