What is the October Lull? Is it real?

If you’re a bowhunter and spend a lot of time in the woods, you may have noticed less deer movement activity during the first few weeks of October. I have experienced this as well.

Since the Missouri archery season for deer starts on the 15th of September this is when I normally start hunting. I usually see several deer the first few weeks then it seems like a switch is thrown and the deer movement comes to a halt.


This is what a lot of hunters call the October Lull. However, what exactly does this so called “lull” entail?

For many years now, there has been several opinions shared on what the October Lull is. The main question asked is, “Why am I not seeing many deer?” Some hunters say deer just go nocturnal this time of year, that is why you’re not seeing them.

Some say your bigger bucks go on lockdown because they are waiting for the rut, which is not until early November, while others even come to the conclusion that deer just disappear. Does anyone really know what is going on?

I first noticed this decrease in movement when I began running game cameras. I had already taken notice that I wasn’t seeing as many deer while hunting during this so-called lull. I also took notice that all of the bucks that I had on my cameras during August and September were no longer showing up.

Here is another one that will get you thinking. In late August and especially early September you see deer in most of the fields while traveling the roadways, then during those first few weeks of October they disappear. However, as Halloween approaches, BAM there are all of the bucks again. It’s a strange yearly occurrence.

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