We’re finally getting a closer look at my wife’s hummingbird nest

Last July my wife, with her eagle-eye vision, spotted what appeared to be a hummingbird nest on one of the lower limbs of a large maple tree that is situated outside our living room window. 

She had been seeing hummingbirds, the ruby-throated ones, buzzing around in our front yard and noticed that one or two of them kept coming back to a certain spot on this one particular limb.  

When she yelled at me to come and look, all I could make out was what looked like a thickening in a fork of the limb.  

So, we went outside to get a closer look.  

Like I said, it was on one of the lower limbs and looked to be about ten foot from the ground and as we stood underneath it, we both could see that it was indeed a nest.  

There was even a hummingbird sitting in it at the time. Its long beak was clearly visible.

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