Weather conditions perfect for coyote hunting

Mike Roux has developed a complete blackpowder program that has been proven successful throughout many different hunting seasons. 

The snow and brutally cold temperatures we have endured over the past couple weeks makes doing anything outdoors uncomfortable.  

However, for those that want to fight the cold weather and still have some fun outdoors, now is a great time of year.  

One of the best things that March brings to hunters is hungry coyotes. The conditions lately are perfect to call in and shoot these wild canines.

The combination of snow cover and bitterly cold temps makes if very difficult for a coyote to make a living. Catching mice is tough in the snow, especially when cold winds form a crust on the surface.  

Catching larger prey is also difficult. Rabbits, squirrels and even deer make great meals but a coyote or even a pack of coyotes expend a massive amount of energy on a chase for any of these targets.  

In truly harsh weather coyotes become as much scavenger as predator.

The coyote hunter uses these facts to his advantage. Calling coyotes this time of year with wounded rabbit calls is the most effective and efficient way to get a dog into range.  

That is exactly what happened on New Year’s Day.

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