We have but so many days on earth, so why not do good?

Along with ideas to embrace healthier habits we find ourselves using rainy days to catch up on those tasks that have somehow gone undone for far too long.

Some are as menial as organizing our inventory of fishing lures (options include by species, by season and even by action — sinking, floating, etc.). Others as possibly important as finally adding a much-needed room on your house.

Some are more enjoyable; others more rewarding. I love lining up the striper jigs by weight and cross referenced by color. Half ounce, three-quarters, ounce and then the large two ounce horsehead jigs for use on umbrella rigs. Gray and oyster pearl for clear water; chartreuse combinations for colored water and slower bite days.

Feel somehow better about Judy’s new carport. The love of my life can once again park her car and enter the house without walking through rain.

Then there are those tasks that do not fit neatly into any one category. Seemingly borderline minutia with life-changing consequences. Such was the job I’d chosen recently.  A seemingly innocuous bit of clerical work that turned into several hours of self-reflection.

I was transcribing our address book into a new volume. Too many erased and re-entered phone numbers, corrected addresses and late entries out of alphabetical order. The same old book had served us well for the past seven years. It was time for an update.

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