Visiting Missouri’s ‘nuclear waste museum’

Stairs to the top.

Just south of the junction of Interstate 64 and Missouri Highway 94 at the Weldon Spring exit are two large Missouri Conservation Areas.  

Both the August A. Busch Memorial Conservation Area and the Weldon Spring Conservation Area are very popular places for many reasons.  

These include Weldon Spring for its trails and hunting opportunities, and Busch for its many fishing lakes and staffed shooting range.

Between these two areas is an unusual museum. This museum covers the history of this entire area from when the first settlers came here until the present.  

It has exhibits about the farms, the towns, the government buyout, the construction and then removal of the munitions plants, and the remediation of the land.

This museum is called the “Weldon Spring Site Interpretive Center.” But it is also known to some as “The Nuclear Waste Museum” because behind it is the 75-feet high Weldon Spring Disposal Cell containing nuclear waste and other toxic chemicals buried far below the surface.

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