Using decoys will help your predator hunt

A couple of years back, a buddy and I were predator hunting on a local farmer’s land where coyotes had been a problem with his cattle herd.

On our second set of the day we found ourselves in a corner of one of many cow pastures. I placed the electronic caller approximately 40 yards from the edge of the woodline that bordered the pasture. IMG_0148

After the caller was set, we ventured back a mere 25 yards and nestled ourselves in a brush pile out in the pasture. I howled a few times on a diaphragm howler, waited a few minutes then began playing a rabbit in distress sound.

A minute-and-a-half into the playing of the distress sounds, a coyote appeared out of the edge of the woods; this coyote was coming into the sound quickly.

As I was pulling up my shotgun to take the shot, the coyote bolted back into the woods. I turned to my buddy and asked “what happened?” He didn’t see me, I whispered.

“He just didn’t like what he saw, or what he didn’t see,” said my hunting buddy. He then added, “You should have had a decoy out.”

From that day forward, I try to take some type of decoy on every predator hunt that I go on.

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