Turning fire tower passion into a book

For over 50 years I pursued my forest lookout hobby. It all started near my grandparents’ farm with Mudlick Tower while I was very young. 

It continued on over the years coincidental with my canoeing hobby and really picked up following my retirement from 34 years of teaching history. 

Several years ago Jim Lyon, Max Gorman, Jim Parker and others urged me to convert my boxes of material into book form. Four years ago I began. 

The book is now nearing completion at the publishers and available at wordsmatterpublishing.com under Titles and will be on Amazon soon. It is 325 pages long with over 65,000 words and over 250 pictures. Some are archival, black and white, color and one-of-a-kind. 

It is titled “Remembering Missouri’s Lookout Towers – A Place Above the Trees.” You may recall a series I did on the towers of Missouri in the River Hills Traveler.

It contains dedications and acknowledgements with a forward. The glossary uses pictures to make points and the index is purposely extensive for research purposes. 

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