Truly blessed to live where the seasons change

We all have the tendency to wish our lives away, one way or another. “I wished I was older so I could drive a car, I wished Christmas would hurry up and get here, but “man am I ready and I wish for this cold to end.”

Well, that’s the last thing I ended with in one of my last articles. I was just tired of the cold and rain and dressing like a wooly worm.

Bob Brennecke

We had a trip planned going south to SW Louisiana and I was ready. As we drove down Hwy. 67 south I didn’t see much of a turn in the tips of the grey limbs hanging as they did all winter. 

Then as we crossed over the border into Arkansas, we drove through the agricultural flatlands and past a creek — I believe it was the village creek — and the trees broke into a tinge of green growing along its banks. 

I felt a warm glow starting even though the temperature hadn’t changed much. The further we drove south, the greener it became.

Springtime flowers were sprouting along the roads and when we got close to the Gulf in Louisiana we were seeing the evergreen live oaks and all of the other beautiful greenery. 

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