Worried parents plan to build a treehouse for their kids

I usually write about a tree each month, but this month I was inspired to stray from my typical “tree of the month” subject just a bit.

My wife, DJ, and I were in our backyard and we began to realize that our 9-year old-son didn’t have much to entertain himself back there. Camping in treehouse

When he was small we had a swing set, which he is too big for now, and we have since sold it to another family with small children. We once had a used trampoline, which we purchased from a garage sale, but after a season, we decided to sell it in our own garage sale.

Our yard is probably too sloped for a pool, and we aren’t even sure we want to make that investment or commit to the upkeep of a pool. I asked my wife what she thought would be fun and she mentioned building a treehouse for our son, Truman.

I didn’t know my wife DJ had a treehouse when she was growing up. I hadn’t heard much about this treehouse and I really enjoyed learning about this important place. I don’t think she had thought about that treehouse for many years.

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