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Eastern Shawnee Chief Glenna Wallace and Sharon Dean walk the circumference of Serpent Mound. Dean used to work for the Ohio History Connection which had a team of people working toward the UNESCO application for World Historical Site designation. There are 1,000 sites around the globe but the U.S. only has 23. Hopewell Mounds are to be the 24th, if all goes well.

This column is NOT a travelogue. It is a trip into history which has not been taught and which when learned, is a reason for great National Pride mixed with some overdue National Regret.

This past week Eastern Shawnee Chief Glenna Wallace took me to a consortium meeting of like-minded organizations actively interested in the preservation of Indian history at the University of Ohio campus at Chillicothe, Ohio.  

The topic of this meeting was a report of their efforts to have certain Ohio sites listed with the UNESCO World Heritage Sites group which operates in Paris, France.  

The application for this designation is now formally submitted and the holdup is that one of the sites, named Newark Mound, has a second 99-year lease for a golf course on top of the site.  

To put this in terms you might readily identify with, SUPPOSE  Russia or China somehow took over the U.S.A. and bull-dozed Arlington Cemetery.

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