Trail cameras in the spring

I know it is a bit unusual to see a spring turkey hunting article coming out during the summer. However, my intent is to give you plenty of time to prepare for next spring.  

We are going to discuss several points of how the Tactacam Reveal trail cameras can bring new and exciting elements to your turkey hunts.

During our pre-season 2024 spring turkey scouting we identified four different strut zones. One of these was on a timber ridge. We saw three different gobblers and a small group of jakes. We saw some of these birds almost every day.

In two different field locations we identified about a dozen other birds. One of these toms had some missing tail feathers, which made him easy to recognize. Again, a few jakes and hens were there, as well.

Roux believes the Tactacam Reveal X-Pro is one of the most important tools needed when planning spring turkey hunts.

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