Trail cam

Wayne Coleman of Potosi recently submitted this photo taken by his trail camera — “The cam is an infrared Bushnell. I mounted it on an oak tree waist high in a transition zone between a five acre pine forest and a standing soybean food plot on my property.

The birds have been roosting in the pines and flying down landing in front my cam scratching and strutting before entering the bean field. I check my cams once a week.

Most of my pics on this cam have been around 7 a.m. This pic was taken on March 19 at 7:30 a.m. I am 39-years-old and love any and everything about the outdoors.

My dad, Mike Coleman, got me started at age 5 hunting and fishing with him until I was capable of doing so by myself. He was a wonderful teacher and mentor!

My passion is archery hunting, but spring turkey season is a strong second! Nowadays I spend a good portion of my time away from work teaching my two sons, Mac and Tyler, the ropes of the outdoors as my dad did me.

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