Time to get out my fishing gear & give it another go

The hunting season is over. I have put away my .30-.30 and my bow and arrows. I will get them out off and on this summer just to keep them tuned, or keep me tuned up. 

I am told it’s fishing time. It has been a very long time since I have been fishing. I gave it up mostly because I could never catch anything.

Tom Boydston

I am probably the world’s worst when it comes to fishing. All I seem to do is drown worms, as they say. 

It is my belief that if fish had a tongue, they would be sticking it out at me. But I did always enjoy the camaraderie of those I spent time with on fishing trips. 

After so long it becomes frustrating, and I am not one to sit and watch someone else fish. After that I would make an excuse as to why I could not go with them. 

The best times I had fishing was when we camped out. Those were great, and I didn’t care if I caught a fish or not. There were always plenty of things to do around camp. 

I almost always did the cooking. Dutch oven cooking is my favorite. I have been doing it for years. 

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