‘This is a social media challenge that I’ll get behind!’

Let’s be honest here, most social media challenges are pretty stupid. From consuming Tide Pods to trying to stay in a store for 24 hours straight without getting caught, social media is home to some dumb, illegal, and even dangerous challenges.

Michelle Turner

However, I can admit I have gotten behind a few of them that are for a good cause. 

Yes, I am one of the many who did the ALS Ice Bucket Challenge to help bring about awareness and support for this horrific disease. 

And, most recently, my daughter and I have gotten behind the #TrashTag Challenge. 

As my 14-year-old often jokes (based on a meme), “Modern problems require modern solutions.” To me, that is what the #TrashTag Challenge embodies. 

Our modern problem is trash. We’ve become reliant on single-use plastic, Styrofoam, and other items that aren’t exactly known for being biodegradable. Where does it all go? 

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