These exotic bird species caught me completely off guard

Wildlife is an invaluable treasure but it is being exploited due to illegal trade of many of its species. Overkill happens whenever hunting occurs at rates greater than the reproductive capacity of the population is being exploited.

The effects of this are often noticed much more dramatically in slow growing populations such as many larger species of fish. Initially when a portion of a wild population is hunted, an increased availability of resources (food, etc.) is experienced increasing growth and reproduction as density dependent inhibition is lowered. Hunting, fishing and so on, has lowered the competition between members of a population. However, if this hunting continues at rate greater than the rate at which new members of the population can reach breeding age and produce more young, the population will begin to decrease in numbers.

The habitat of any given species is considered its preferred area or territory

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Examples of habitat destruction include grazing of bush land by farmed animals, changes to natural fire regimes, forest clearing for timber production and wetland draining for city expansion.

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