Theres really no ‘off-season’ in the Ozarks

Off-season? You’re either hunting or preparing to hunt. Right? During the off-season is when we get things ready. Right?

It doesn’t have to be that way. Here in the Ozarks there is always a way to fill in the gap.

That lull in the year when nothing seems to be going on and you just can’t wait to watch the arrow fly.

That day when the pot of beans is going and you’re looking out the window thinking about turkey season and you just can’t wait to lace up your boots and grab your oiled-up shotgun and a box of shells.

It doesn’t have to be that way.

Richard Whiteside

Of all people my youngest boy has driven this home. Watching him I have realized that it’s not for everybody.

Never a lull in the year for that boy. He has learned to fill in the gaps of the year with some of the most overlooked and exciting sports the Ozarks has to offer.

No matter your location, there is a way to fill in the gap with outdoor activities. It may be bowfishing in the James River on a hot August night under the glow of a head lamp. Making memories with friends while honing your skills as a marksman.

Let me go ahead and add that having a 20-pound fish on your arrow as you jockey for just the right position in your boat to wrestle that fish can possibly be the best memories all year.

While others are dreaming of making memories, you are making them.

In February and March, when nothing is happening, and all the husbands have just made up with their wives, (bowhunters that stayed 20 feet in a tree from October through December know what I’m talking about), there is this little thing called unlimited conservation snow goose season.
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While others are thinking about pulling the trigger and smelling the gun powder, you can be doing just that.

Here in Arkansas and Missouri we have millions of geese making their way back north. We live between where they are coming from and where they are going.

Because the numbers are so high within their populations, the conservation departments of many states open up an unlimited season on these things.

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