The Traveler’s Bob Brennecke answers your outdoors-related questions

• QUESTION: My husband and I have been cooped up too long and decided to, DO SOMETHING! 

We had planned to go out into the cold weather and at least be outside. We thought we might take our new (well, 7-month-old) generator out to use for a small space heater if we needed it in the camper. 

Luckily, we tried the generator out before we left. Unluckily, we found out that it would not run as smoothly as when we put it away in the shed. 

The generator loped, up and down in RPMs. It seemed to “almost” run correctly under a load with the space heater, but why won’t the generator idle smoothly? 

We use premium fuel and keep the generator in a shelter while not in use and we only have used it once for about an hour since we bought it. What did we do wrong and what do we do now?

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