The time I shot a bearded hen

By Connor Dietrich, Jr.

Have you ever gone hunting during a snowstorm or a blizzard? If you have, you will know it’s usually cold, windy, and harsh on days like this. 

However, we got lucky. Snow was what me and my grandpa, Mike Roux, least expected on the opening day of turkey season at Shuhart Creek Whitetails.

I woke up at 5:30 on opening day, March 25, 2023. Half-asleep, I heard my grandpa ask if we should sleep in. I got up thinking he was joking and told him “NO,” loudly. 

When I went out to eat breakfast, I realized he was not joking. I looked outside to see about two or three inches of snow in every direction from the lodge.

After eating a donut, we got our five layers of hunting gear on and headed out. My grandpa, who always comes prepared, went out to his truck and got two umbrellas for us so we would not get soaked walking to our blind.

Young veteran turkey hunter Connor Dietrich proudly displays his 2023 bearded hen.

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