The power of the cluck

As I sit down at my word processor to write this article I find myself trying to figure out how many gobblers in Illinois, Missouri, Iowa and Texas have fallen victim to my use of the “cluck” call.  

Many dozens is what I came up with.

The “cluck” is just one of over a half-dozen turkey sounds that I imitate each spring to get gobblers into lethal range.  

It is seldom, if ever, the first call I make but it is quite often the final call before the shot.

The cluck call is made by both male and female wild turkeys. It can be reproduced with virtually any call you already own.  

If you are not familiar with this sound, learn it. It will improve your turkey permit filling rate exponentially.  

I wish there was a way I could show you how to make this sound. But unfortunately, that is impossible within the confines of the written word.  

So, I must instead explain the sound and instruct you on how to accomplish making it with a variety of calls.

Now is a good time to explain how I came about making the cluck my “go to” spring turkey sound. In dozens of seminars each year I recommend that turkey hunters get out in the woods a couple of weeks before the season opens and just listen.

There are seminar speakers, audio and video tapes and, of course, YouTube to help you learn how to make turkey sounds.  

But there is absolutely NO BETTER way to learn how to talk turkey than from the birds themselves. Get out in the timber and listen and take notes.

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