The playboy on the proving ground

A White-tailed buck searching for a doe during the fall season at Squaw Creek National Wildlife Refuge near Mound City, MO.

For some fans, the alluring life of illustrious stars is the complete fascination of a fast-paced life. A time of dating, clubbing, and speeding around causes the fans to label the famous people with terms like “divas” for the gals and “players” or “playboys” for the guys.

My circle of friends and I dwell very little on pop culture, but I am a huge devoted fan of the charismatic in nature. No matter how many strutting Tom Turkeys I see in April, stunning patterned Northern Flickers I view in June, or this month witnessing a mature, powerful white-tailed deer standing proud on my place, I think they are all superstars. I never get tired of experiencing and watching our natural world.

When the chilly days of autumn appear, a buck does not become a “playboy” automatically. All bucks young and old have to prove themselves worthy for the company of a doe and fight off all other suitors.

The arena is set up in our forests, local woodlots, brushy fields and occasionally our suburban neighborhoods. The top competitors are at their prime and often set up a patrolling routine.

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