The moral of the morel

This past week or so have been some great ‘shroom times. A couple of days we even hit the Ozark spring daily double.  

Found mushrooms and caught crappie — both delicious fried! Now I am far from an expert at either; just an amateur enthusiast.

I have friends that actually find them by the thousands. The morel mushrooms; crappie only by the hundreds.  

They find the greys and the whites. So many they make gravy and even have recipes for mushroom stuffing for Thanksgiving.

They find some so large they have recipes for stuffed mushrooms. One big white reportedly fed a family; stuffed with crabmeat and scallions.  

Another they dried and are saving for Halloween. Going to carve it and call it “Morel Mike” — the new jack-o-lantern for their porch this fall.

I love hunting them, even those days I am not all that successful. I had several days of striking out; one of good fortune.  

That day I even caught several nice crappie after gathering more than a hundred morels. I have learned a bit.

For one thing, despite all the tried and true tips — which trees to look around, what night temperatures are needed, how much rain, etc.— there are always a few that defy the odds.  

Still, quite fresh after having been a week since the last rain. Growing up in almost pure gravel. “Popping” though temperatures near freezing the night before.

I have also learned that, though it is well to constantly scan large tracts; one must periodically focus on small, specific areas.  

I mentally graph an area and then examine it square foot by square foot. Look for the subtle “honey-comb” like pattern that reveals their presence.  

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Amidst this current medical and economic challenge, there are wonderful examples of sacrifice and compassion. People giving of themselves and of their resources. 

Little, as well as large, acts of kindness. An unexpected smile. A gift of produce. Grown or wildly harvested.  

A card with a thoughtful note. An amusing anecdote; an inspiring quote. A shared photograph. A call to check on one’s health.

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