Take time to ID that mushroom before eating it

The giant puffball is a huge, white, smooth ball with a completely white interior that becomes yellowish green with age. It grows in open pastures, woods, and lawns.

As the fall air moves in, mushrooms begin to make their way to the surface.

Although spring is the most popular time for mushroom hunting, other edible mushrooms start to appear in late September.

Puffballs, usually found in lawns and open woods, appear rounded with no stalk. The size of the white or brown fungi ranges from one inch to a foot in diameter.

If squished, a powder of thousands of tiny spores is emitted, earning the name “puffball.”

Bearded tooth, also known as lion’s mane, makes a fall appearance, too. Its bear-like white spines hang off of tree trunks and fallen logs. 

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