Take a walk & hear these beautiful chorus frogs

The spring peepers are singing! Spring is near! I was walking through the field at my house, and heard the peepers in the early evening. It was a beautiful chorus!  

Why do these small, slender frogs sing? The males of this species are calling out to the females, who are drawn to their chirping suitors.

Dana Sturgeon

These small, slender frogs can be pink, gray, tan, or light brown. They have a dark X on their backs. This mark can be faint in light-colored frogs and dark on darker ones.  

The belly is a plain cream color. The finger-toetips have adhesive pads. They measure three-quarter to 1.25 inches long.  

The spring peeper, or Pseudacris crucifer, is a small chorus frog widespread throughout the eastern United States and Canada. 

There are two subspecies: the northern P.c. cruicifer, found all over the eastern U.S. and Canada; and the southern, P.c. bartramiana which are found along the southern Gulf Coast from southeastern Texas to northern Florida and southern Georgia. 

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