Summer sunsets call for great topwater baits

The buzzbait, MotoLure, Jitterbug and Whopper Plopper are all great bets for catching topwater bass.

Randy Mathews and I had been on this very deep, 6-acre borrow pit for a couple of hours.  

The bite had gotten steadily better as the sun got lower in the west. It was hot… but it’s summer.

I had been working the bottom with a Table Rock Lures tube jig and Randy was casting a wacky worm rig in the Sweet Tater Pie color.  

We were both catching some bass, although Randy was beating me at about a 2-to-1 rate. They were all pretty solid 2- to 2.5-pound largemouth.

We were just at that perfect time between when the sun goes behind the tree tops and when it actually sets below the horizon. 

My gut told me to switch from the bottom to the top in this crystal-clear water.

My first choice for a topwater lure 90 percent of the time is the MotoLure. I have used this bait for many, many years now and it is a proven big bass killer.  

I had shown it to Randy a couple of years ago and he bought one. I asked him if he had any luck with it and he said that he really had not tried it much.

As I tied the MotoLure chug frog onto my line I reminisced with Randy about some of the monster bass this bait had caught for me. 

The MotoLure is responsible for a half-dozen largemouth over 10 pounds. I told him about several more over 8 pounds.  

As I made my first cast with the topwater lure, right at sunset, I told him this lure has caught more bass over 5 pounds in the past 15 years than all my other baits combined… for my entire life.

The lure had not been on the surface of the water for 2 seconds when it got hammered. The initial hit made a huge commotion and Randy turned around just in time to see her come out of the water like a missile.  

Switching to a topwater lure at sunset can make for some great summer bass fishing.

“Oh my gosh!” he shouted. “I’ll get the net!” he continued.

When I got this big gal to the boat the first time she went directly underneath it. There was no chance for Randy to get the net under her.  

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She was one of the longest bass I have ever caught. I sure wish I could catch her again in April. She might weigh well over 10 pounds when she is full of eggs.

I told you that I use the MotoLure 90 percent of the time on the surface of the water. I think you might also be interested to know what the other 10 percent look like.  

Let’s start with my favorite fast-moving, “prospecting” topwater lure — the buzzbait.

Buzzbaits come in a few different variations. I like the ones that have a “clatter” sound to it. My term “prospecting” means I can make long casts, covering lots of water to see if I can get bass to the surface.  

Once I have determined that, I might go to a lure with a slower presentation. This allows me to keep the lure in the strike zone longer per cast.

My only issue with buzzbaits is that you miss the best part of the cast as you try to get the bait back to the surface after it hits the water.  

Fishing bank structure with these lures is difficult. Buzzbaits are best suited for retrieving over submerged brush or shallow points.

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