Summer float trips and the state of Missouri are a partnership made in heaven! 

Ryan Snider

With an abundance of rivers to choose from for an enjoyable float, picking just one to feature is a daunting task for me. 

That’s why I decided to poll a variety of people from different walks of life. I asked them this question: “Which river in Missouri is your favorite to float and why?” 

The responses varied as I had expected. When compiled together, though, they give us a look at what Missouri’s waterways have to offer.  

“We love floating the Huzzah. The water is crystal clear and clean. It’s shallow enough for our family. Our kids love playing in the water and exploring,” said Kate Mills.

“They also enjoy finding cool rocks to collect. The river’s current is slow so we can just relax and enjoy the float, while feeling safe having our kids with us. 

“Our son started his floating experience when he was one and would fall asleep with the current slowly rocking him to sleep.” 

Ryan Snider
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