Strike King baits strike once again

Mike Roux has learned the value of fishing STRIKE KING’S Rage Tail Shad.  

One of my favorite things about being an outdoor writer is that it allows me to be in the field hunting, fishing, boating and camping for both recreation and research.  

I appreciate the words of best friend Roger Lewis who said about me, “You are not one of those outdoor writers that only write about what others do.  

“You are actually out there all the time and then sharing what you learn and experience.” Thanks. Rog.

I am the kind of a guy who lives by the “If it ain’t broke don’t fix it” mantra. If I find a product, method, program or plan that works for me I am very hesitant to vary from the success those things have brought me in the past.  

However, even with that being said, I am always on the lookout for ways to make me and ultimately you, more successful.

This summer I was bass fishing on Lake Kinkaid with good buddy Colby Simms. We were back in a cove that was full of bass and full of weeds.  

I told Colby I was torn between using a buzzbait outside the weed edge or a grass frog on top of the weeds. He tossed me a soft plastic bait and said to try it in both places. It was a STRIKE KING Rage Tail Shad.

This bait can be fished without a weight and weedless. Its design allows the lure to move across the surface of the weeds and continues its amazing action in open water.  

It can be retrieved much slower than a buzzbait, keeping it in the strike zone much longer per cast.

The Rage Tail Shad is just one of more than a dozen members of the Rage Family offered by STRIKE KING. World famous for their extraordinary spinnerbaits, STRIKE KING has gone to great lengths to develop the Rage line. 

You can see them all at

Not long ago I had the perfect chance to show this lure off to another great fishing partner. Brian Lewis is a son of best friend and previously mentioned Roger Lewis.  

I have known Roger’s kids since before they knew their own names and I treat them as if they were my own. Rog does the same with mine.

Brian got a Friday afternoon off from his slave driver of a boss (Roger) and came up to stay with me for an overnight fishing trip.  

By overnight I mean he came up and fished Friday evening with me and stayed over and we fished again Saturday morning. 

The evening bite was by far the best and that is the story I would like to share with you now.

We got to the water at one of my best spots about 4 p.m. on Friday. Brian expected a bite on plastic worms and I was hoping for fall crankbait action.  

We both decided that once the sun went low in the western sky that we would go to topwater lures. All of those choices were good. Some were better than others.
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I must say that I was glad Brian was there. It was not only because he is a great guy to share the boat with or because he is a very accomplished angler, but because I needed a witness for what happened right out of the gate.  

We eased around the first point and into the first cove. On my fourth cast I caught my first bass of the day. That was not remarkable.  

But the fact that I caught five more bass on the next five consecutive casts really got our attention. Neither of us could remember ever seeing anyone catching six bass on six straight casts. It was a great start.

Brian started catching bass, too. We made it almost all the way around the lake and Brian said it was time to switch to topwater.  

I agreed and went for my Rage Tail Shad in a black and white pattern. I thought I would educate Brian on my newly-discovered bait but come to find out he and Roger had known about them for some time. He even had a couple in his tackle box.

So as not to cast the same bait, my partner tied on a chug-type topwater bait. The bite was a bite slower on top but the fish that were hitting the baits on the surface seemed to be getting larger.  

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