Streamer fishing offers endless variations

Late January. Deer season is over and I’m spending more time watching people enjoy the outdoors via the television than I should.

Admittedly I’m jealous, guys on TV chasing tarpon in Florida, salmon in Alaska, trout in Yellowstone. I’ve no idea when they filmed these episodes but they reinforce the feeling that I should be outside, confronting the cold and wind chills. First

However, this time of year I usually find myself at the fly vise more. The patterns I churn out seemingly influenced by the species being pursued by someone else.

Before I know it I’ve got several six- to seven-inch streamers finished. What am I going to do with these? Oh I have plans.

In the tailwaters of some of our most popular Ozark fisheries brown trout wait patiently by the banks for a meal worthy of a king. Although I’m not the most experienced brown trout angler I do plan on putting some of these patterns to use this February. Using sinking line and large articulated streamers, fly fisherman will take to the tailwaters in hopes of finding a unicorn.

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