Star Seed & the Beaver King

(Editor’s note: After studying documents at the Missouri History Museum Research Library and speaking with a member of Osage Nation, Matt Ankney authored an original folktale in the vein of Native American oral traditions out of respect and admiration for their fascinating culture. This is the first in a four-part series.)

By Matt Ankney

Before the Old People migrated from frozen wastelands to the low country of Bone, Great Spirit Wa-kon’da allowed wild creatures in the Ho-e-ga Snare of Life to speak and reason like human beings. 

Building immense empires, most memorable were the Great Blue Heron Tribe’s vast trade routes, Chief Giant Alligator Snapping Turtle’s mysterious aquatic domain, and palatial timbered realms of mighty Beaver King.

Lush grasslands populated with thriving animal clans now extinct repeated similar refrains each halcyon day. 

Ferocious Kon-sho-ki Dire wolves stalked nervous Wa-dad-o-ka-she giant bison herds. Short-faced bears roamed fragrant pine tree savannahs. 

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