Star Seed & the Beaver King

(Editor’s note: After studying documents at the Missouri History Museum Research Library and speaking with a member of Osage Nation, Matt Ankney authored an original folktale in the vein of Native American oral traditions out of respect and admiration for their fascinating culture. This is the fourth in a four-part series.)

By Matt Ankney

Two guards appeared with a shimmering bowl of mercury. Glancing for a moment at his reflection, Beaver King scooped a heaping ladle full of poison quicksilver. 

At that moment, Pekantani Dam lurched, rocked with a shuddering earthquake.

The artificial lakebed collapsed from the reservoir’s tremendous weight, causing a succession of heaving waves to smash against the reinforced dam wall. 

Beaver King screamed, as an army of mice began climbing up his leg. Hun-kon-gi freed itself, grabbing hysterical Hun-sha-pe, growing exponential in size. 

Plant Man leapt far down, disappearing into the surging lake below. Another thunderous shockwave hit the compromised structure. The wooden behemoth trembled, bellowing deep subsonic groans. 

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