Spur of the moment ‘time out’

After years of keeping track of time, looking at my watch constantly to get everyone out of class on time, I don’t often look at the time or plan ahead too much anymore. 

Teaching a Junior High or High School shop class was a daunting challenge, making sure everything was put away in the tool cabinet, floors were swept, and all projects were put away before anyone could leave for their next class. 

If the students didn’t clean up, I would have to do those jobs before the next class came in 4 minutes later.

My wife and usually work on a short fuse, getting things ready after getting a “wild hair” or getting invited by someone else to go someplace or do something. 

This state of mind makes life interesting and keeps us on our toes. Since we had been “stay-at-homes” for the past 11 months because of the pandemic, we decided to get out and go on a canoe ride and maybe go fishing. 

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