Spring River

The Spring River is a 57-mile (92-km) long river which flows through the U.S. states of Missouri and Arkansas.[1][2] It consists of two branches, the South Fork of the Spring River and the Spring River proper.[3] The South Fork of the Spring River starts in Howell County, Missouri and flows south through Fulton and Sharp counties in Arkansas.[4] The South Fork of the Spring River joins the Spring River proper near the town of Hardy, Arkansas.[4] The South Fork is a quiet stream with gravelly bars that are ideal for camping.[4]

The Spring River proper begins where Mammoth Spring and Warm Fork of the Spring River merge at Mammoth Spring State Park in Mammoth Spring, Arkansas.[5] Mammoth Spring is the outlet of an underground river that runs from Missouri into Arkansas.[6] Over 9.78 million US gallons (37,000 m3) per hour flow out of the massive spring and forms the Spring River.[7] Being predominantly spring fed with water averaging 58 °F (14 °C), the river is kept cool during warmer months and is suitable trout habitate for several miles.

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