Snakes alive!

photo of a rattle snake

It seems at times the news has “gone to the snakes.” And, that will “Catch Your Eye” for sure. 

I don’t live in terror of snakes. In fact, if you have a few snakes around, you may well not have mice, voles or rats. 

However, I do notice them. In all my hunting, fishing, canoeing and tower tramping around, I have never cast eyes on a poisonous snake. 

Dad said the same thing. I am not as adventurous as he was, however, he used to grab one by the tail and snap it like a whip to snap the head off – at least until one wrapped around his neck one time by the front porch in Missouri. That was the end of that!

photo of a rattle snake
Photo by Alexis Chateau on

COPPERHEADS — My granddad was bit by a copperhead as he and Mom walked back from the creek.

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