Smart deer played dead to elude captors

The white-tailed deer is probably the most important game found on this continent. Not only is the white-tailed deer popular with hunters, but it is important to the economy, which necessitates management of the deer population.


And supplying hunters with merchandise to make their hunt more enjoyable is big business.

Otto Bower was an area foreman for the Missouri Department of Conservation at the Big Spring Refuge in March 1953. In order to speed the growth and spread of the Missouri herds, he was charged with trapping and moving deer to areas where there was no deer population.

One morning he found an adult doe in his trap and set about to tag her and move her to a truck to be transported to another area. However, this deer was different, really different.

To start with, she was a fighter. She put up a serious fight as Bower and his assistant worked to subdue her, tag her ear, and remove her from the trap for transport.

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