Small waters, big fun!

“I took the one less traveled by, And that has made all the difference.” For just over a century, these words have been an invitation to get off the beaten path in our journey through life.  

An inspiration to seek the more-wild of nature; the less urbane in where we traverse.

Rick Mansfield

These past few weeks I have done just that. Taken guidance from Robert Frost’s iconic poem and sought the “road not taken.”  

The thoroughfares I was seeking were of water. Clear, spring-fed Ozark streams abundant with life and opportunity. Devoid of fellow companions. In that lay the challenge.

I ventured into northern Shannon County. Home of the Upper Current. Location of Akers Ferry — “Canoe Capital of the World.” 

But waters less visited. Pools where the ripples would be mine alone. Shoals of silence and solitude; streams where my thoughts would echo by themselves against limestone bluffs and beneath greening canopy.

The first stretch was on beautiful Sinkin’ Creek. A spring blessed with significant rainfall had left this Current River tributary quite floatable.  

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