Slow down, enjoy the little things with a camera

As an avid hunter I am fortunate enough to be able to spend several hours a year in the outdoors.

Throughout some of my hunting adventures I have witnessed amazing landmarks, wildlife, and some of God’s most beautiful creations. image1

I’ve been in the rolling hills of Arkansas, the big buck country of Kansas, the crop fields of Northern Missouri, and this past winter I went to the red dirt land of Western Oklahoma. While on a predator hunt there, I was amazed at how you could see forever because of flat land with very few trees. All the dirt that is there is again red clay colored, but yet dry and flaky.

While there, I was able to see hundreds of Rio Grande wild turkeys which is a different species of turkey than what we have in my home state of Missouri, as well as a porcupine, wild hogs, jack rabbits, etc.

Most of these were first time sightings for me. These are the things that I love about being an outdoorsman.

No matter how many places the outdoors takes me, there is still nothing like the southern Missouri Ozarks. I’ve written about it before, but where I live is within minutes of three beautiful scenic riverways which include the Jacks Fork River, the Eleven Point River, and the Current River.

One of my favorite things to do in the spring and summer months of the year is to go hiking, exploring, camping, and fishing along these picturesque riverways. What traveling around away from home does is builds my respect for the outdoors, by learning to enjoy nature.

Let me tell you just how I am able to do that in the Ozarks.

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