Six tips to take outdoor photos to another level

There is a stone on my school desk that has the words “take only photos, leave only footprints” carved into its surface.

It’s a fitting reminder since I have a great love for both the outdoors and photography.WelchSpring2016

I was a self-taught photographer until college. My experiences at the University of Central Missouri’s photo department were a wake-up call, but they more than prepared me for life as both a photographer and a photography teacher.

It did not, however, prepare me for a modern society comprised of photographers. Recent reports estimate that nearly two million photos are uploaded and shared daily thanks to smartphones and social media apps. It would seem that everyone is a photographer these days!

With that said, who wants to look at 212 images uploaded from Sally’s most recent camping and hiking trip that are not that visually appealing? Not me. Not you. Not even Sally.

Regardless of what camera you use, there are a few basic tips that can take your photos to a new level. Your next outdoors adventure will get more views, likes, loves, and comments instead of being overlooked by friends and family if you follow these tips:

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