Should I use circle hooks?

Using a circle hook can increase both your productivity and healthy releases.

If you fish much at all or read much about fishing, you are by now surely aware that circle hooks are here to stay! 

Five years ago my grandson, Ayden, was still quite young and like other kids, he is sometimes asleep at the wheel (or reel, if you will). 

When bass fishing he held the record for letting nice fish swallow the hook. 

That’s how he became the first of our family to test them. On our first trip equipped with circle hooks he caught 6 bass on a wacky worm; all of them were hooked solidly in the corner of the mouth. 

What was even better was I had only 4 fish that day knowing I missed a couple that were “hanging on,” something my patient partner did not experience.

Ayden is now 15 and as my first mate, he still uses circle hooks, but now by choice. 

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