Shore lunches usually enhance your fishing trip, but not always

I have taken a lot of fishing trips over the years in the Ozarks and one of the things that, in my opinion, really enhances a fishing trip is having a great shore lunch.  

Even if the fishing is poor, the trip will be much, much better with good food.   

And I have tried to perfect that shore lunch with a variety of unexpected menus, such as grilled lamb chops, marinated beef tenderloin or some other quality meal cooked from scratch right on the shore.   

By in large, these meals get prepared as intended and by in large, they are appreciated, but there is always that exception, isn’t there?

The exception I am thinking about was during a fishing trip one afternoon on the Little Piney near Newburg, Missouri, years ago.  

My fishing buddy that day was Bill Selby, a longtime friend. Selby is a great fishing companion because he never complains about anything.   

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